I got interested in motorsports at the same time I took my first steps. The biggest reason for that was my dad 'Tane' who at that time did 'stunts' with his Honda CB 750 Four. Alltough my first try at motorracing wasn't with motorcycles, but in carting that I did for 8 years pretty good I might add, but the thicness of my wallet wasn't enough, so I had to stop that.

At the age of 8 I found my dad's old moped and I just had to try it out. After few years of falling down and trying hard I needed to get a bigger ride (dad got me a new bike!) at spring 2001 I got Yamaha DT 125R; and whole summer went on learning how the new bike worked out. And at fall 2001 together me, my dad, and 5 other riders, we formed a stunt riding team Plan-Bee.

April 2003 I found out that at summer there's gonna be the first Nordic stunt riding competition and one of the rules was that my bike must be at least 500 cc and at least 2 cylinders. My dad had allready made plans for me to ride in that competition and got me a Honda CBR 600. After a while I found my self in front of 2000 people and only 5 training sessions on that bike. I took home the first price.

In the year 2004 in Finland I ride at E.S.W.-day stuntriding and Nordic stuntriding competitions and again I took the first place. After this we went abroad to check out the international quality at world stunt riding competition that was held in Chezkc republic. I was at 19 place after unlucky competition. Another visit abroad was to Sweden Freestyle Festival and I became first there.

On fall 2004 me and my dad resigned from Plan-B and it was also the time for CBR to retire. Right now I practice alone with my Kawasaki 636

-Joni Tammela

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